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you can make a difference

If you want to be a force of positive change and make a difference, then come and join us or support us by volunteering your time. 

We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to get involved actively. This is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at CARD. Internship opportunities are provided to interested individuals to work and harness their skills. CARD provides fieldwork and project work options on interdisciplinary works and developmental themes such as rural development, sustainable agriculture and innovation, women empowerment, health, and sanitation. Get in touch with us to learn about how you can volunteer your time today or do an internship.


Gurnoor Singh Gandhi
Chief Officer,
Merchant Navy

My internship here has been exhilarating. I got the opportunity to work and live amongst the Gond tribe and visit 5 liaison offices in 2 different states. From training villagers for making homestays to meeting and participating in brainstorming sessions with Ex- IFS and IAS officers , this has been a fulfilling experience. The management is open and approachable and encourages one to explore different developmental themes.

ishani intern.jpeg

Ishani Palandurkar
Consultant-  Research & Project Management
Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group

My engagement at CARD had been a wonderful experience. It was encouraging and enlightening to know of CARD's initiatives and grassroots work in Madhya Pradesh and other states and to work along with their supporting team. Under the team's guidance, I had an opportunity to learn about many of CARD's field of engagement in agriculture, livelihood, education and environmental development. Her direction and mentorship was fruitful for me during various report writing and documentation. CARD is an amazing organisation with impactful initiatives and learning experience."

what our interns are saying

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