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A Graduate in Public Relations and M.Phil in Social Science from Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Barkatullah University respectively, She is one of the earliest founder members of CARD. In addition to her handling of many portfolios of CARD, she is also National Level Monitor for MoRD and a National Level Trainer for the Census 2011 operations. A proficient micro planner, master at the women and child development projects and an adroit in gender and communication, she is an ace in the monitoring and evaluation division. Her biggest asset however is the patience which is reflected in a systematic outcome of the tasks she accomplishes as the Regional Head of Central India operations of CARD.

MAdhura Ma'am 2.jpeg

Ms. Madhura Rawat

Executive Director

The executive board 

oversees activities and strategic planning and decision-making in the organization. The  senior members play the role of mentors & provide need-based guidance & support to the two full time active executive members (ED and GS) directly involved in running the organization.


Dr Swati has been working in the development sector since 2015 and started her career with CARD. She has a Doctorate in Philosophy in the subject of Chemistry. Being the General Secretary, she is responsible for the routine administration functioning of the organization. 

She's keen on becoming a Social Scientist and has major interest in the field of research. One of her expertise is in the value addition of non timber forest produce and herbal product development. She is directing the skill sector of CARD and livelihood promotion initiatives involving the tribal population of M.P. 


Dr. Swati Sharma

General Secretery

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