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Farmer Support Programme in Responsible Soya

Leveraging our rural outreach and technical competency CARD is promoting Farmer Producer Organizations in numerous, empowering more than 12000 farmers. It is an initiative that ultimately aims at creating sustainable agricultural economy particularly for marginal and small farmers by consolidating their holding resources and giving them an opportunity to exploit economy of scales irrespective of the size of their holdings. We are adopting an area based approach in forming area specific FPOs that can sustain without government aid. We have more than 12 registered FPOs and are in the process of forming several women FPOs. Collaborating with our sponsors such as SFAC, NABARD & BIRD, we are providing technical support and facilitation services such as agricultural supplies - fertilizer seeds at low prices, agricultural training based on best practices, and technical support in agricultural work including access to markets and selling the produce at competitive rates.

CARD, in association with SRIJAN, is working on the integrated land and water management in Newari (MP). Being a member of the BSDF-Bundelkhand sustainable development forum- CARD is working on reviving traditional water bodies and has already deepened 8 ponds. In addition, CARD is working with 300 farmers regarding natural farming to promote sustainable farming practices. Work is underway to build 3 natural farming centers at Nampura Niwari Kulua Niwari and Sakra Prithvipur Niwa.

CARD has been supporting the livelihoods and promoting Tribals' socio-cultural and economic development in 8 villages of Dhamtari, Chattisgarh. Working on the vision of NABARD (National Bank for agriculture and rural development) and taking its development initiative to the grass-roots level, CARD has successfully fulfilled the BADI system's developmental objectives. We have provided livelihood protection, soil conservation, water management, plant protection, better education, sanitation and nutrition to more than 500 families and 2000 tribals, improving the quality of life and empowering the tribal community.

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watershed management

 CARD has been labeled as the watershed expert agency Ever since its journey began in 1999. During the period 1998-2008, NGOs were not permitted as PIAs due to limitations of Hariyali guidelines. Therefore CARD started as a training, monitoring, and evaluation agency in the watershed field. The first break in implementation came from DRDA, Jhabua during 2001, when CARD was selected as PIA for Rajeev Gandhi Watershed Development and Management Mission in one mile watershed of Thandla block, an area of 1625 hectares. The Ghughari watershed followed this in Mandla district in 2003. Today, CARD is one of the few NGOs nationwide working in more than one lakh hectares in over 200 villages involving around 20000 households. Our partners have included the government (Rajeev Gandhi watershed Mission, NREGA, IWMP, MPRLP, DPIP, NVDA) and other agencies (NABARD, ITC). 

Through Farmer Support Programme with Solidaridad Network in Responsible Soya, we have covered 9000 farming households in 5 districts of Malwa region viz Ujjain, Dewas, Shajapur (Agar), Dhar and Jhabua and Trained a total of 6853 farmers, giving 2107 demonstrations on different cropping techniques and formed a total of 354 Farmers’ Interest Groups. The project initiatives include demonstrations of improved agronomic practices, trainings, Exposure visits, awareness camps, scientist interaction, pear review meetings of producers on RTRS principles and GAP including Social, environmental, labour, gender issues, etc.


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