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What is CARD

CARD is a leading non-government organization of Central India, with its activities of research, evaluation, documentation, and program execution running nationwide. We promote innovative action research and apply its findings for the protection and development of society and the environment. Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps bring development to the backward regions and improve the standard of living of the underprivileged. Learn more about the positive impact we have been able to make and join us in bringing about positive change.

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Established in 1992 with its headquarters at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, CARD is involved in sustainable development and empowerment of marginalized communities. Participation being our core value, we strive to build productive relationships with our partner organizations and act as facilitator rather than implementer of development process. We believe that working through community institutions and women's participation is at the center of a holistic development approach. Our project execution process and infield decision-making is informed by comprehensive empirical studies, research, and high-quality data evaluation. Through our multi-sectoral development approach, we create opportunities for establishing livelihoods support systems.

Team of over 250 professionals & 1000 CRPs

Field Facilitation in 843 villages of 40 blocks of 17 districts in 6 states

Formation support to over 3500 SHGs, 16 FPOs and a Natural Product Company

More than 200000 rural households reached

Collaborations with more than 50 partners - National and International

Meaningful Work, Unforgettable Experiences

Northern Lights


Maikal Hills Livelihood Resource Centre

Located in Ghughari, a well-connected and scenic tribal predominant backward region, this eco-friendly training center is spread across 6 acres of agricultural land. It is equipped with training equipment that includes LCDs, OHPs, TVs, computers, and laptops with internet facilities and other pertinent training requisites. Accommodation facilities for long durations with a training hall, mess, dining, and recreation spaces are also available. The MHLRC has the advantages of imparting training experientially. The trainees can take advantage of the projects run by CARD, such as the implementation of watershed, agricultural innovation, horticulture (vegetables and fruits), fishery, NTFP, and other development programs. Additionally, CARD has formed thousands of community institutions in and around 100 villages surrounding the campus to help students gain relevant field exposure. The MHLRC has been providing regular trainings for MKSP ( Mahilla Kisan Sanshaktikarnan Yogna) and IWMP ( Integrated Water Management Project). The campus has hosted students from IIFM, IIT Bombay, XIDAS, Jabalpur and XISAS Ranchi for internship and rural exposure.

TRC - Technology Resource Centre

CARD also has one Rural Technology Resource Centre at Ghughari with DST-approved training (Techno-Management) packages in Honey processing, NTFP(Non-Timber Forest Product) processing, including Natural Fibre (Sisal) & food processing. Regular short duration on the job training is also conducted at the centre that is equipped with a processing plant, medicinal plant and food processors, pulverizers, mixers, grinder, cutter and boiler, and electric and solar driers. CARD through this center is active in the eco-friendly harvesting of NFTPs and provides technology transfer to tribals to augment their livelihood. 

Maikal Hills NaturalProducts Company

In addition to our conventional developmental activities with our various partners, we also produce eco-friendly and organic tribal products consisting of honey and vinegar. We do this through Maikal Hills Natural Products Company(MHNPC). The company, set up and registered in 2005, is a non-profit organization that empowers the Bhil and Gond community by giving them access to livelihood options and establishing both forward and backward linkages, linking them with the companies and FPOs at the apex level.

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Jungle Honey
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CARD, H-2/195, Arvind Vihar, Baghmugalia, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh(462043), India 

91-0755 – 2481234


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