Vission and Mission

About Logo

It represents the importance of five major components of livelihood, the five j’s of Hindi script which are; Jal (water), Jangal (forest), Jameen (soil), Janvar (livestock) and Jan (human being) the balance of which enables environmental protection & sustainable development.

  • The Woman and Man joining hands and moving upwards depict equality, participation and socio economic upliftment.
  • The ‘Sun’ signifies prosperity and growth.
  • The ‘Bull’ drawn from the ancient Indian Civilization symbolizes the rural economy.
  • Overall, the shape (earth), colours (blue, green and white) and the openness (extended arms) represent commitment, cooperation and continuity of our vision.
  • The acronym CARD in earthen shade at the base of the logo signifies our grassroots strength.


We strive for a prosperous dawn with the promise of empowered communities and self sustained habitats.


  • Participation
  • Empowerment
  • Institution Building
  • Transparency
  • Team Spirit


  • Perform and Promote Research, Evaluation and Development Activities.
  • Create Awareness, Organize Trainings, Exposure and Extension Activities.
  • Facilitate Social Development and Gender Equity.
  • Disseminate Innovations of Science and Technology.
  • Organize and Promote Village and Cottage Industries.
  • Upgrading Skills of Traditional Artisans, Women and Other Marginalized Communities.
  • Formation and Empowerment of Common Interest Groups and support through Micro finance.
  • Support Child Centered Integrated Development.


Development with Commitment and Professionalism


  • Mainstream of development
  • Holistic, Integrated, Down to earth
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Supports livelihood (five J's)


  • Punctuality both in work and attitude
  • Devotion to work
  • Passion for excellence
  • Nurturing a long term relationship
  • Equitable benefit sharing amongst target community


  • Belief in professionalism - practical approach and rationality
  • Foster Information, Science & Technology
  • Follow Processes, Experiments and Innovation
  • Strive towards Human Institution Development