Shwetdhara: A Cattle Care Initiative by IDFC Foundation

Promotion of Community led Livestock Breed Improvement and Value chain Business under Shwetdhara Programme of IDFC in Western Madhya Pradesh Region.

CARD has been investing a lot of effort since years to enhance the income of the families by providing them with alternative livelihood option and also build on the existing resources and livelihood activity. In order to cater to the needs of the community, and bring women in the forefront, community institution and Producer Company has been promoted in the area. Now it has partnered with IDFC in its ambitious programme Shwetdhara in three village clusters of Budi Barli, Sonkatch and Dhar, each cluster comprising of 32 villages and a breed able population of atleast 5000 milch animals.

The Objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To improve the existing breed from non-productive to productive
  • To train community to adapt scientific package and practice to improve milk production and maintain health of the animal
  • To reduce mortality of animal through quality vet services
  • To build community business venture of milk producers in which they will directly connect with dairy business
  • To create jobs opportunity for local youth and women
  • To promote Dairy producers’ institutions

To achieve the objectives, we will focus on the following key strategies:

  • Support Scale up, and Strengthen the existing milk producers under Shwetdhara
  • Improve the existing livestock based livelihoods package for marginal farmers that could form and strengthen production base (assets), enhances animal productivity and animal health, improves existing breed, and bridges the gap in backward linkages such as in supply of feed, provision of veterinary services, etc.
  • Deliver the above package by further strengthening the service delivery model that already exists and consists of local human resources (Gram Sakhi) thus ensuring outreach to poor families in far flung villages.
  • Our strategies would be to develop large pool of local cadre to ensure the services at village level.

Outcomes and Impact of the Project

Outcomes and impact of the program can be seen at three level one at community level, second at productivity of animal level and third at value chain level.

Community institution

  • Formation of Farmers Interest Groups (FIG).
  • Formation of producers’ organization which can be engaged in milk value chain
  • Building women leaders to manage their community business venture

Productivity Enhancement Program

  • Implementation of the Package and practices (POP) with farmers’ families.
  • Breed Improvement through A.I (artificial Insemination) of dairy animals resulting in new born high yielding variety of cow,
  • Fodder intervention with farmers’ families promoting improved fodder varieties, ensuring year round availability of fodder.
  • Wheat cultivation with families for ensuring Dry fodder availability for the entire year.
  • Building Gram Sakhi to ensure the backward support services and provide employment to women
  • Setting up Dairy service centres to avail feed and fodder at door step of the beneficiary.

Value Chain

  • Milk collection centers will work properly and leverage with government dairies
  • New milk routes will cover all villages and supply their milk to existing government and private dairies
  • Local youth will get job directly and indirectly through the intervention.
  • Collective marketing will increase the negotiation power of villager’s approx. 5-6 Rs per liter.

Organogram of Shwetdhara project