Maikal Hills Natural Products

The society Centre For Advanced Research & Development has promoted setting up of “Maikal Hills Natural Products” a non-profit company registered under section 25 of Companies Act, 1956. The company was registered during 2005.

The Maikal Hills Natural Products has initiated the following steps:

  • The first step towards empowerment of the CIGs is linking them up with livelihood options.
  • Further the activities have to attain the level of sustainability, which is possible by way of establishing forward and backward linkages.
  • The sustenance of activities will encompass capacity building of the group members, in selection of activities to its processing, etc.
  • Market information here plays an important role, and this specialized area will require services of professionals who will assess the local potential and the local as well as outside demand, and accordingly will formulate strategies.
  • Establish satellite units of product special SHGs/CIGs and Federations and link up satellite units with the Maikal Hills Natural Products.

The proposed plans to initiate at the inception of the “Maikal Hills Natural Products” are to establish, maintain and strengthen the activities, which are enlisted as under:

  • Establishment of a Value addition cum production centre for all Medicinal products available naturally in the region, Natural Fibre products available in the region.
  • Establishment of a Food Processing centre for production of vegetable, drinks, beverages, juices, jams, squashes, pickles and all type of edible oils, from locally available natural food products.
  • Establishment of value addition centre for grading and marketing of forest/medicinal honey.
  • Establishment of Non Timber Forest Produce, processing and value addition centre.
  • Promote the Biodiversity conservation efforts in the region and promote Non-Conventional Energy sources.
  • To set up a Market Research cum Information Centre to support the activities of ‘Maikal Hills Natural Products’