Current Initiatives

Watershed Rehabilitation under IWMP in Ujjain & Dindori

CARD is Partner of Rajeev Gandhi Watershed Mission for implementing IWMP in three locations; Tarana and Ghatia Blocks of Ujjain & Dindor Block of Dindori Districts.

Community Initiatives for Secured Childhood, Child Fund India

Secured Childhood through Community Initiatives- a long term Child Development Programme is being implemented in 20 villages of Tirla block of Dhar district.

Piloting the 3 star approach for WASH in 50 Schools District Ambikapur (CG) During 2014-15

Right to Education Act, 2009 recognizes the importance of providing potable drinking water and sanitation facilities for a child friendly learning environment.

Targeted Intervention (TI) and Link Workers Scheme (LWS) with NACO

India has the third-highest number of people living with HIV in the world. Indians accounting for about four out of 10 people infected with the deadly virus in the Asia—Pacific region, according to a UN report.

NABARD TDF Wadi Project

NABARD TDF Wadi Project is implemented by CARD in 10 villages of Nalchha Block of Dhar District. The duration of project is 2013-18. The main object of the project is income generation of tribal farmers.

Saskawa India Leprosy Foundation (SILF) Project

The Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation (SILF) New Delhi is an associate of the Nippon Foundation which worked with WHO and with national government in developing the cure (MDT medicine).

Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)

The concept of ‘Farmer Producer Organizations, (FPO)’ consists of collectivization of Producers especially small and marginal farmers.