Association with CARD:

CARD believes in Development with commitment and professionalism; therefore we give value to both passion and qualifications. We promote people who are passionate and believe in bringing radical change through their strong will and affirmative actions. At the same time we also believe in investing on professionally qualified people who are committed to sharing their knowledge with the community for mutual learning.

Career – CARD has over the period of a decade developed as a nursery for hatching the best stock of young professionals in the rural livelihood sector. The growing stage of CARD provides ample opportunities of career in multi-disciplinary fields. Job opening with details of recruitment process and contact person are hosted on the website and advertised through devnet jobs/ newspapers/ magazines as per need. At the same time we are always open to passionate workers, especially youngsters.

Jobs :

Post Place of posting Experiance : Minimum Qualification : Apply on
Project Manager Yamuna Nagar, Haryana / Patiala, Punjab / Madhya Pradesh At least 7 years of relevant experience of handling Development Project Applicants must have degree in Rural/ Agriculture/ Environmental Science/ Ecological Science/ Economics/ Social Sciences or other relevant discipline.
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Program Manager Multi Locations in North India (Punjab and Haryana) At least 15 years of relevant experience of handling Development Project Applicants must be postgraduates in Rural or have a Masters’ in Agriculture, Environmental Science, Ecological Science, Economics, Social Sciences or other relevant disciplines.
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CARD encourages volunteers from across the globe to come and spend time with the local staff/ community across our field area in Central India belt and share knowledge.

  • National & International volunteers can be associated with CARD.
  • Normally 2 volunteers per year will be associated. However, the number may vary at the discretion of the Management.
  • Minimum 10 weeks of services will be required.
  • CARD will support in Boarding, Lodging, and Local Travel & Field Facilitation at local level only at Ghughari/Mandla office.
  • Volunteers can work in other locations on own/ part support in logistic arrangements.
  • Volunteers may visit the website and select topic and place to work in consultation with the Volunteers Coordinator.

Internship opportunities are provided to interested individuals to work and harness their skills CARD provides options of fieldwork and project work on interdisciplinary works in rural livelihoods promotion; sustainable agriculture, agriculture water management, NTFP, livestock, etc.

  • Up to 6 Interns will be inducted in a year. However, the number may vary at the discretion of the Management.
  • The organisation will support in providing modest Boarding and Lodging arrangement.
  • Local Travel & Field Facilitation at local level will be taken care by the organization.
  • Interns can be positioned at any of the Field Offices– Mandla/ Ujjain/ Dhar/ Dewas or any other place in MP & CG depending upon logistics.
  • Monthly Honorarium will be given to selected interns only in special assignments.
  • Intern has to visit the website & select the topic but in certain cases Management may decide the topic of Internship
  • Appointing Interns should be of Mutual Benefit
  • Internship Certificate will be issued only after the submission of Report/Presentation


Ms Jyotika Joseph at